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    Team Announcements-Tournament Season

    The LLLBA Board has approved and would like to announce the following coaching appointments and rosters for the 2021 Tournament Season:

    The LLLBA Board has approved the following coaching appointments and rosters for the 2021 Tournament Season.

    Intermediate AAA

    Co-Head Coaches: Blake Babki and Jess Mason

    Assistant Coach: Chad Fletcher


    Dylan Wojtowicz

    Noah Gruninger

    Railey de Mateo

    Brett Smith

    Tyler Risling

    Carter Mann

    Noah Babki

    Cohen Faassen

    Taylor Chapple

    Grady Knoblich

    Conner Wensmann

    Nate Conway

    Jake Bennett

    Major AA

    Head Coach: Duane Kambeitz

    Assistant Coaches: Ryan Boschman and Andrew Hiscox


    Jacksen Klimpke

    Benjamin Boschman

    Carter Bevans

    Peyton Brownlee

    Justin McKay

    Oz Hiscox

    Owen Parker

    Austin Borthwick

    Nolan Honess

    Will Kambeitz

    Cole Reid

    Tristan Koehler

    Eric Stotyn

    Minor AAA

    Co-Head Coaches: Jaime Thomas and Taylor Coe

    Assistant Coaches: Darren Charlesworth and Reg Dueck


    Tyler Thomas

    Hayden Charlesworth

    Briggs Fabro

    Nolan Thomas

    Kasen Andrews

    Sullivan Mills

    Santiago Sanchez Dias

    Blake Dueck

    Brady Oberg

    Lucas Dersch

    Owen Coe

    Nolan Vanee

    Major AAA

    Head Coach: Denny Puszkar

    Assistant Coaches: Kale Norsworthy, Myles Fletcher, Travis Oberg


    Brodee Angle

    Declan Brinsmead

    Rylan Inaba

    Grady Johnson

    Evan Machum

    Cooper Norsworthy

    Nate Oberg

    Harvey Obrien

    Andy Puszkar

    Max Roden

    Dawson Spence

    Ethan Vervoort

    Heat and Cancellations

    Update: Our forecast for the week of July 12-16  looks like it is near the 35 degree mark, but slightly  below.  Games will be played as scheduled. Please prepare for warm games accordingly.

    The safety of our players is our top priority. All games for the Rookie, Coach Pitch and T-Ball will be cancelled this week if the temperature at game time is forecasted to exceed 35C. Please consult the website at 4:00  PM each day for an update on cancellations. The weather forecast often changes rapidly in Lethbridge, so games may be possible as the week moves along even if cancellations occur early in the week.

    For minor division and up games are still planned. Please ensure that your players have adequate water, sunscreen and take breaks. Cancellation of games will be at the Coaches’ discretion. 

    Please email the Program Facilitator if you require any fields for rescheduled games at

    2021 Tournament Season

    Our Tournament Season registration is now open players for Minor League Division and older.  Important dates and information is available below in the release from Little League Alberta. The LLLBA is asking players to use the link below to register for the tournament season. At this time a $50 non-refundable fee is charged, with additional fees being applied once your child is assigned to a team. 

    All families who participate in the tournament season will need to commit to working a Bingo prior to the end of 2021. A $50 fee will be charged to the families who do not follow through with this commitment. Volunteering for Bingo offsets some of the fees charged to the LLLBA by District One Little League.

    The fee for the Tournament Season will range from $250-350 depending on the team/division that your child is placed at.  The deadline to register has now passed.


    Little League Alberta Release

    Little League Alberta is excited to announce tournament dates for this Summer. We are thrilled to get our kids back on the fields and play some ball! Although Little League Canada had to cancel their national tournaments, we are excited to announce our own Championship Tournaments and the continuation of our Summer baseball tournaments.

    With case numbers and hospitalizations dropping while vaccinations increase, the Summer looks very promising. We want our leagues to have their regular seasons for the large membership of players, so for the 2021 year, we are not running the provincial play in July. We are leaving that to regular season play and other special events. Summer Baseball/Tournament Teams (AAA, AA, A) can all form in July and will start play in August. Leagues are also encouraged to finish regular season play during the week in August if they desire.

    Important dates to note:

    Regular Season play will take place on Friday, Saturday and Sunday or the following weekends across all age groups.

    • August 6th – August 8th 

    • August 13th – August 15th 

    • August 20th – August 22nd 

    Little League Minor, Major, Intermediate, Junior and Senior Divisional Championships 

    • August 25th to August 29th (shorter events if there are less teams competing)

    • Minor – Hosted by District 1 – Lethbridge, AB

    • Major 

      •  A – Host to be determined

      • AA – Host to be determined

      • AAA - Hosted by District 8 – Calgary, AB

    • Intermediate – Hosted by District 1 – Lethbridge, AB

    • Junior – Hosted by District 2 – Edmonton, AB

    • Senior – Host to be determined

    The Registration "Home" is not currently available.

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