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Message from the President- House League Season 2024

January 13, 2024

To All Little League Members


Hello Everyone,

As we open our registration for our 2024 season, we would like to welcome you all back and ask that you share the word that registration is opening in the coming days.

Our Executive board has been working diligently to launch the 2024 season and want to provide some information as we proceed.

  1. Registration will open on January 15, 2024, and close on March 2, 2024.
  2. Evaluations for the regular season divisions are scheduled for March 11–14, with additional dates for March 18–20.
    1. We have added additional dates for evaluations so that we can extend the evaluation time for players.
  3. The Major division will once again be tiered as the members voted to maintain a tiered Major division at the AGM in November. Based on evaluations, the board will consider how many teams will be created for Tier 1 and Tier 2.
  4. Intermediate, Major, Minor programs will commence in early April and run until mid-June, at which time our programs will transition to tournament season.
  5. Rookie, Coach Pitch and Tee Ball will commence in late April and end in mid to late June.
    1. In the 2024 season, we will be launching a mixed registration and girls' registration for the coach pitch division. We are working within the Little League program to grow girls' baseball. We recognize that at the age of 8, we see girls in baseball drop. So, this season we will be launching a girls coach pitch, with the hopes that in 2025 we will launch this in the rookie division with the retention of girls in baseball. Parents will have a choice to select their daughter for a mixed team or a girls team. Based on registrations, this will determine how many girls teams are created. We would like to remind parents that although girls teams may be created, they will be playing in a league against our other Coach Pitch teams.
  6. Teenage will commence mid-to-late April, end mid-June, and transition to tournament season mid-June.
  7. Tournament season evaluations will be held from May 6 through May 12. We will also be adding in some weekend evaluations to further expand the evaluation process.
  8. Coaching applications will open January 15, 2024, and remain open until March 2, 2024.
    1. We have passed a motion at the board level, which will provide a 50% rebate up to a maximum of $75.00 to those that register as head coaches. The rebate will be issued at the end of the season once uniforms and equipment are returned to the league. We have taken this approach in an attempt to secure more head coaches in all divisions. The coaching directors will have a final selection of head coaches.
  9. Finally, our policies pertaining to the regular season and tournament season will be updated and posted to our website prior to March 1. Based on member feedback, we are updating these policies, which we hope will improve our programs.
  10. Attached below as well is a progression chart that shows the Little League player progression and options available through Lethbridge Little League and District 1 Little League. This progression shows the programs available from age 4 through age 16.

On behalf of the Executive Board, we hope you have another amazing year in youth sports.



Travis Oberg


Lethbridge Little League

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